Willkommen to On The Fly

Somewhere Beyond The Sea

Deutschland Bound

Well, we have been here 61 days and our household goods have made it.  Our P.O.S. Honda Fit even managed to cross the Atlantic.  The kids are in school and I have plenty of free time.  This is due to my transition from a cook to a domestic engineer.  My spare time is filled with organizing the household, rummaging flea markets, grocery shopping, spouse club activities, spending time with other military families, attending German class, and most importantly food research. Before arriving I had a vision of working in a restaurant in Germany.  At this point, I have not mustered enough courage to approach the 1 Michelin star restaurant Ente (Duck) for a stage or steady work.  Until then, my so-called job, is to complete research and share any intel on the food in Europe.

The blog.  The name of my blog, On the Fly comes from a kitchen term meaning: give it to me now, like yesterday.  Although this term may have caused much eye rolling in the kitchen, I enjoy the saying.  Another meaning is always in motion or moving.  This phrase has much to do with life.  We are constantly trying to go somewhere, get things done, and get to an ultimate destination.  We are never standing still. The goal of drinking my latte in the morning is to finish the last sip no matter how cold it is and move on to the next thing like planning my day.  The goal of laying in bed is to fall asleep and move onto R.E.M and ultimately wake up.  You, understand right? Go, go, go go.

Germany has been great to date, but I really miss my people in Seattle, WA.  This blog is dedicated to you all.  I hope you enjoy.  Happy readings!



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