Hallo!  As they would say here in Germany.  My eight year old, Ben has summed up what I am all about on the fly:

Ben: Does not like candy and video games.

Jan:  Candy has no nutritional value and is really bad for your teeth.  It’s the truth I hate video games.  Go outside and play!

Ben:  Chocolate and food lover.

Jan:   I am an equal opportunity chocolate eater.  Although, I am falling for the dark chocolate filled with liquor over here in Deutschland. As far as my love for food goes, I traded in my power suit for a chef coat.  My work experience has ranged from cooking at a five star hotel, a private estate, and on yachts.  There are too many foods I love to eat.  Let’s start with what I do not care for:  bitter melon.  Yuck!!!

Ben:  Respectful and caring.

Jan:  I love giving back to the community.  My recent volunteer activity was coaching for an elementary school volleyball team of girls.

Ben:  Plays volleyball.

Jan:  20+ years.

Ben:  Daddy lover.

Jan:  The love of my life is a soldier and we have been married for 14 years.  Harp Music playing in the background.  Arms are fully extended with hands on lap and eyes are batting.

Thank you, Ben for your honesty!  Thank you for reading my blog.

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