Copenhagen, Denmark



Mad Kaffee

Copenhagen Street Food

Torvehallerne Market


Tapas at Torvehallerne

Copenhagen, has officially become my favorite city.  It has nothing to do with the fact that it’s probably one of the cleanest cities I’ve ever been to. Neither was it, the blistery ride through the scenic  waterways of the picturesque Christianshaven.  It’s the food rather.  I was in in Copenhagen visiting a good friend for two separate weekends back to back.  My first food experience was at the boutique Hotel Alexandra.  There was a Vietnamese restaurant Lele attached.  IMG_5885They offered dishes, that weren’t being offered in my native hometown of Seattle.  Fried Mackerel, Spicy Beef Salad and Mini Tapioca Coconut Banana Custard were the items I rolled with, they all kept me satisfied and eager to find out what Copenhagen had in store for me culinary wise.  Breakfast at Lele was different in a good way.  They offered several Nordic staples, such as: cottage cheese and smoked salmon, porridge, and a pleasing selection of Danish Cheeses.  The Danish Blue was my favorite.

The second go around, during my 2nd weekend in Copenhagen was in Vesterboro.  My friends have been trying several days to eat at Mad Kaffee (English Translation: Food & Coffee), but luckily was got in with just a 30 minute wait.  Supposedly the wait times can be as long as an hour.  After eating there, I totally understand why customers wait.  The set up of their menu is unique.  You get a sheet similar to what you would get at a Dim Sum restaurant, but it’s not.  The menu offers  breakfast items with the choice of 3, 5, or 7 items.  The 5 items on my board were the lox with radishes, chorizo sausages, avocado with chili oil, yogurt with basil and Matcha, and a banana muffin.  As well as orange, carrot, and ginger juice.  Serving the items in separate bowls, just show a little more thought put into their offerings, not to mention how everything tasted spot on.  You will not be disappointed by Mad Kaffee.  Just get there when the first open.  In addition to the food  you will be pleased by the industrial slash Danish furnished space.


Mad Kaffee

We ended the last place to eat together on a high note at Copenhagen Street Food on Paper Island.  The warehouse by the water is packed with different street food vendors.  We’re not talking about simple things here, but there was an Argentinean stall with meats roasted on a spit, a Mexican truck with a machine (I think it was hand cranked, maybe?) cranking out corn tortillas, and a vegetarian Columbian food stall.  The fried plantains from La Tienda made me wonder why the crispy, squashed, coin shaped plantain slathered in guacamole and salsa was so delicious in Denmark, huh?  On top of that, double, duck fat fried Frites from Copper and Wheat.  The condiment were unexpected with a choice spicy ketchup, creme fraiche dill, and mayo of course.  I felt pretty classy dipping my fries in creme fraiche.  This designation is a must do on your itinerary.  It will show you the level of food Copenhagen has to offer, mind you from stalls.  If you aren’t on board, you could always snap a photo by Noma, one of the top rated restaurants in the world, like I did.

Farvel for now.

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