Paris, A Dream Come True

Well, it’s been almost two months since I have visited Paris, France and I still can’t believe I was there.  My husband and I went for our 14th wedding anniversary, along with our two boys.  We had a wonderful four-hour train ride on the speedy ICE Train from Germany.

Growing up in Italy is where I fell in love with food and my culinary curiosities developed, but I fell in love with French food the first year of culinary school.  Ever since then Paris was on the top of my list for my ultimate culinary destination.  Chef Joël Robuchon is a French chef I studied closely. He brings in a total of 28 Michelin Stars from all his restaurants.  Deservingly so, these many stars come from dedication, relentlessness to purse the best, and hours of cleaning in the kitchen. Escoffier is also a well-known chef from France, I admire.  He cooked at The Savoy in London, England and is known as “The King of Chefs”.  Upon my recent research, I have discovered Escoffier was actually a resident and cooked in Wiesbaden, Germany.  Most classically trained chefs see France as a destination to step up their culinary game.   My trip wasn’t for training though.  It was merely intended to indulge all the greatness France had to offer and to enjoy time with my family.

Here’s all the greatness:

Get amazing desserts at Le Valentin in the 9 arrondissement of Paris.


Chocolate Eclair




Buy a baguette from a bakery. Eat baguette and walk at the same. Very Parisian.

Superior Food Choices at The Galleries Lafayette Mall


Beautiful Stained Glass Roof at Lafayette Galleries

Lebanese food at Liza with in the MallIMG_0169IMG_0171


Mint Tea

Mint Tea

My chance to try Pierre Hermé.

Such a huge line for the delicious Macaroons.



The most epic dinner was in Paris at Le Bebe.  Here’s the first and second course.  My third course was the best steak dinner I have ever had, ever.  It was a medium, rare ribeye steak with a moutarde l’ancienne sauce and crispy potato quenelles.

Lox & Shrimp Salad with Pomegranite

Lox & Shrimp Salad with Pomegranite

Basil & Gnocchi

Basil & Gnocchi

I loved France so much, I decided to bring the glass pyramid home from the Louvre.


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