Eltville am Rhein: The Home of the Original Eltville Rose Tart

The City of Eltville

The City of Eltville

The journey to Germany was a burly one.  We had two lay overs and traveling time of over 24 hours.  Upon arriving to the airport we went through a series of briefings and then our sponsor picked us up.  Our shuttle was a blue, Mercedes, cargo van.  The boys fell asleep during the last briefing.  We had to corral them into the van and they passed out on the seats as if it were their own bed. Fatigue and jet-lag made interesting conversation on the 30 minute ride from the airport to our final destination, Wiesbaden.   A loose comment to my husband, who is a seasoned soldier, regarding the level of my fatigue found no sympathy.  He had made a comparison of severe fatigue in the desert with sand getting into his eyes, added with uncomfortable heat.  Ok, fine.  I had no room to whine.  Many people have had it worse.  The whambulance is going far far away.  My black Wayfayers were a shield to disguise my blood-shot eyes.  Talking took pure concentration and my words were choppy.  Quite a first impression.The ride from the airport was hazy, but I remember passing vineyards and wind turbines.  Looking back, it makes me chuckle.  Finally, we arrived to the lodge.  We sat in the lobby for about an hour.  Only to be notified our room would not be ready in forever.  Our sponsor was kind enough to offer up a bed in his house.  This action by far surpasses going above and beyond.  My husband, Matt had business to attend to, so we were dropped off our sponsors house.   The last thing I remember was the foul smell of Cheetos.  I lazily glanced over to my youngest son, he had somehow lost his socks.  I don’t know.  Too tired to care to solve this mystery of missing socks, I rolled over and the boys and I crashed hard. When we were awoken by Matt, it was as if I saw this house for the first time.  The whole family went downstairs.  Our sponsor’s wife was downstairs.  Enter KK.  She was a short Laosian woman with long black hair and a friendly smile.

Ok, this intro has nothing to do with rose cake. I did find out about the Eltville excursion through the Wiesbaden Community Spouses Club through KK.  Thank you, KK!  It’s also a good time to bring up how awesome and supportive other military families can be.  We were very fortunate the day of our arrival.  Now on to Eltville and the trademark cake.

The Rhine

The Rhine

Eltville is a town off of the Rhine River and is known for their production of Sekt (sparkling wine) and half-timbered architecture.  The town has earned the nickname Rosenstadt (Rose City).  During the early summer, the city has up to 20,000 bloomed rose bushes.


We ate at The Alstadt Cafe located within the Hotel Glockenhof (Est 1725).  The Eltviller Rose Tart doesn’t really look like a tart but more like a cake.  Between the layers of chiffon is rose jelly, then encased in apple buttercream.  The final touch is the marzipan rose.

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